Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Suck it, Summer.

Yeah, I said it. I am counting the days until the school year begins, I have my best friend roommates back and I can start wearing my trenchcoats, scarves and boots again.

I'm not the first to lament the perils of summer. Diablo Cody despises wearing white, going to the beach and summer movies. I tend to avoid wearing white, anyway, because as my friend Cody tells me, "You eat like man." Going to the beach is stressful due to weather/traffic/parking, but it is the absolute only place in the world where I'm willing to get dirty, so I'm able to suck it up and deal with it. I absolutely agree about summer movies as I am so far from being a summer movie person. I am no enamoured by 3-D, I zone out during action sequences and I think that Iron Man dude is just kind of an asshole.

There are other reasons to be psyched for fall, though. The school year means classes, stress, roommates and generally being around a lot of people. This translates into discussing literature all day long, living on coffee and staying up late having sometimes deep but usually just innappropriate conversations with my roommates. That leaves less time for thinking, a dangerous and depressing activity. After conducting a very modest amount of research, I found that people tend to get depressed in the summertime because they feel like they should be out frolicking with friends and going to barbeques and that kind of junk, and they feel bad about not having such desires. I say if the outdoor thing isn't for you, embrace the extra time to catch up on those DVDs you bought but never watched and books you said you read but never did. Everyone else can go grill dead animals and get sunburnt.

So hurry up, fall, before I Tweet more Death Cab lyrics and beg my mom to send me my black tops.


  1. Not digging your attitude right now.
    I think you just need to cram some more culture into you, and hit up a museum with me.

  2. I forgot to add a note at the end saying that my disdain toward summer excludes all of my fun times with my favorite slut.

    And yes, let's get to that culture cramming. I have my final field trip due next Thursday.