Monday, June 21, 2010

Three Reasons to Love Australia

Without ever having been to Australia, I have come to the conclusion that I would somehow manage to survive there if I ever happened to buy a one-way ticket there after graduating college. (What, you have a better plan?) Here are three reasons why.

TV Show

Summer Heights High
My friend introduced me to this one. It's a mockumentary based in high school that is hysterically twisted and exactly the type of show I wish to write someday. The three protagonists: a egomanic drama teacher, a self-absorbed teenager and very crude troublemaker, are all portrayed by Chris Lilley (who also wrote the show). Fans of The Office and humor in general would love it. There is only one season in existence, but it's pure brilliance and worth the $22.49 on Amazon.


Am I Right or Am I Right?
by Barry Jonsberg
I discovered this one when I volunteered at my high school library for eight hours a day every Saturday the summer before my senior year. (Talk about an unforgettable summer.) The narrator of this darkly funny and tragic novel is cynical, self-absorbed and convinced that she knows everything. (I clearly cannot relate to her on any level.) Sample line after the narrator, Calma Harrison, reveals that she made a friend: "If I'm going to be strictly accurate, I should say I've got two friends. You see, we signed up for cable." Please go read it. It's incredibly underrated.


Ben Lee
Enough with this cynicism worship. For an instant pick-me-up (without the hangover), listen to absolutely anything by Ben Lee. His most well-known songs are "Catch My Disease" and "We're All in This Together," but I strongly recommend "Numb" and "Into the Dark." He also has a peaceful version of "Float On." Oh, and he's a Jewish vegetarian, which is what I would put in my "Looking for" section on Facebook if such an option existed. Alas, he's married with a kid. Blerg!

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