Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Scattered Thoughts, Part Two: Super Scattered Edition

So the picture on the right is evidence that I was inspired by the post I wrote on Sunday. (It was taken with my Blackberry, so it's not the best quality ever.) I went out and bought shorts to try out the Alexa Chung/Rachel Bilson look. I tucked in my most whimsical blouse and added some sandals and necklaces worn as bracelets to pull the look together. The result: the perfect outfit to wear while running around and riding whales at Roxbury Memorial Park in Beverly Hills.

In other news, I discovered quite possibly the biggest threat to fashion since Crocs: scratch and sniff T-shirts. I'm not going to pretend I did not sniff each and every one, because of course I did, but can somebody please explain to me why anyone would feel compelled to wear shirts that smell like food? Isn't that what we try to avoid? Not cute, graphic tee companies. Not cute at all.

So right now Larry King Live is on my TV (this sounds much better than "I'm watching Larry King Live," right?) and the talking heads are discussing monogamy. I was super determined about a week ago to write an in-depth blog about the subject in my attempt to reach a much-needed conclusion on the subject. Due to recent realizations/excessive reflection, however, I do not think my head is in the right place to tackle such a topic at the moment. (I think this video accurately portrays what's a comin'.)

My next post will have a point, I swear!


  1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/03/kanye-west-new-yorker_n_668894.html#s121961



  2. You know I love your posts (pointless or not,) Kim Possible.

  3. Paige, you look hot in those shorts!